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Meet Theorem Vineyard’s President Kisha Itkin

Theorem’s story began in the 1800s when a famous doctor named Richard Cole and his wife Eugenie wanted to escape the fast-paced city life of San Francisco. When the Coles found this Diamond Mountain oasis just outside of Calistoga, they knew the land was special. Today, Theorem continues to be a peaceful getaway for wine lovers. Kisha and Jason Itkin have restored and modernized this enchanting property so visitors can discover the truth hidden in this magical land.

Kisha Itkin’s Story

Kisha’s formal education would lead one to believe that she would want to pursue a career in science, engineering, or geophysics. And, in truth, Kisha has always been fascinated by science because it helped her discover more about the earth’s wonders. She says science “is like a treasure map that links together the past and the present.” Although Kisha has a strong passion and background in science, she later discovered another passion that would change the course of her career.

The Restoration of Theorem Vineyards

On one of their international adventures, Kisha and Jason felt inspired to search for a property of their own in Napa Valley. No matter where they traveled or what they were doing, the couple was always drawn to Napa Valley. However, searching for a special property in Napa is not as easy as one might think. Kisha found a few properties of interest and contacted several real estate brokers, but none called back.

A week later, an agent finally agreed to show them a property in Diamond Mountain. Although the rainy day made it difficult to see the property at its fullest, Kisha and Jason had an instant connection. There was something about the old porches on the run-down buildings and the smell of the soil that made her, and Jason fall in love with the property. Kisha and Jason made an offer to purchase Theorem the next day.

The Enchanting Beauty of Napa Valley

Kisha always loved art—but she never knew it was something she wanted to pursue herself. “My mom owned an antique store growing up and had so much passion for design,” said Kisha. “I always felt at home around that but never knew I had my own passion for it until Theorem.” Instead, Kisha thought her career would rely heavily on her science background. She found the best of both worlds at Theorem.

“Science and art go hand-in-hand at Theorem,” she notes.

“In every decision—whether it be what grapes to plant, what type of barrels to use, or how the label looks—art and science play a role. I love connecting with the land. There is something enchanting about the ‘give and take’ in cultivating it. If I had continued to work in science, I would have missed a lot of that.”

The Vision for Theorem Vineyards

As its president and owner, Kisha is involved in every detail at Theorem.

She likes to dive in and learn about every aspect of farming, winemaking, and tasting experiences. In the beginning, everything was her job—and while it still is in many ways, her primary goal is to maintain “a program that reflects the passion we have for this property.” Kisha seeks to share her passion with those who love wine, wine culture, amazing food, the outdoors, and beauty. Her vision is for Theorem to serve as a platform of inspiration. “My dream is to find those who can appreciate all this land has to offer. To see them return and experience different parts of it each time. We want Theorem to be a part of our visitors’ memories too—and to watch these wines evolve over the years with others who love them.”

To learn about what makes Theorem Vineyards a unique place in Napa Valley, schedule your tour!