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Outdoor Entertaining Tips for the Summer

Now that the long rainy season is gone, nothing feels more satisfying than enjoying a warm summer evening among friends. Everyone loves a garden party—friends lounging, playing lawn games, and sharing delicious wine and food. Throw the best garden party with the outdoor entertaining tips gathered by Theorem Vineyards. We hope you enjoy the time under the sun with the best pairing there is: good bottles of wine and good friends.

Feast Outdoors

Enjoy a nice meal with your friends and family by eating outdoors. Preparing an outdoor dinner is a fun way for you and your guests to converse and make memories with delightful food and wine. You can keep the menu light by preparing a dish that is easy to enjoy outdoors. The food you prepare doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy.

Making pizza and salad is an excellent approach to an easy and delicious meal that suits any summer outdoor gathering. You can make a variety of pizza options for guests, such as a classic mozzarella grandma pie, a zucchini potato, and fontina pizzettas, or sour cherry and bacon pizza.

Set-Up Your Dinner Table Creatively

If you want to throw the best outdoor party, all you need are pretty decorations, a beautiful spread of food, and delicious wine. The colors of your food will look vibrant against a simple white tablecloth. Flowers are also always a good idea to make your outdoor party look lively. Be sure to choose flowers that will stand up to the heat and wind. We recommend placing clear marbles or pebbles at the bottom of the vases, so they don’t get blown away. Succulents are also a great theme for any outdoor summer party.

Create a Comfortable Outdoor Space

We recommend you set up a lounge and cocktail area, so your guests can get comfortable with one another and are not confined to a single table. If your party is on a lawn, you can even lay out blankets and pillows for your guests to lay on and absorb the sun. Having open seating areas is a great way for your guest to move to another area while you clean up the dinner table.

Add a Canopy for Shade

In case the sun gets a little too hot for your guests to handle, we recommend you set up a canopy. With a canopy, any outdoor area can feel like an outdoor room where your guests can spend some time cooling off.

Add a Mobile Drinking Station

Set up a drinking station and appetizer cart with pour-your-own cocktails. You can place a beverage tub on the cart and move it around as needed. You can stock it with essentials like glasses, plates, and ice. You can simply wheel the cart back to the kitchen if you run low on drinks!

Bring on the Games

Setting out games during a summer outdoor gathering is always a fun idea. Even if your summer gathering is kids-free, you can set out some games to get your guests engaged in different activities. Corn hole, bocce ball, croquet, or even a board games are great options to set out—you’d be surprised to see which of your guest will get involved!

Plan for the Cold

Wrap up your outdoor gathering around a campfire with cozy blankets. Turn your lounging area into a comfy nook with eco-friendly fire bowls to get some heat without all the smoke. You can also bring out your favorite cushions or blankets or buy a few inexpensive ones to leave outside.

Experience the Wonders of Theorem Vineyards this Summer

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