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Take a Tour at Theorem Vineyards

Theorem Vineyards is one of the most enchanting estates in Napa Valley. The first time you walk onto our property, you immediately become aware of its uniqueness—you feel the wind blowing through the tall redwood forest and you can smell the soil as you walk among the vines. In an instant, you fall in love with the lush green hill vines and the vibrant nature that surrounds you. Theorem Vineyards combines history, beautiful scenery, and world-class wine. We seek to uncover the truth of the land through wines that capture the spirit of this magical place. Our winery offers unique, personalized experiences, with panoramic views, award-winning architecture, aromatic gardens, and wonderful wines.

Theorem Vineyard’s Beautiful Scenery

Tucked up on the northern side of Diamond Mountain, our winery is secluded, intimate, and breathtakingly beautiful. Theorem’s estate vineyard on Diamond Mountain spans 20 planted acres of hillside land on the northern slope of the mountain. Our vineyards are divided into six blocks of planted Cabernet Sauvignon and one block of Merlot. The vineyard shares the land with approximately 20 acres of natural forest, and the undulating hills result in numerous elevations, aspects, and microclimates.

Theorem Vineyard’s Story

Theorem Vineyard is owned by Kisha and Jason Itkin. The Itkins have been visiting Napa for years, learning about its history, wines, and appellations. What began as an interest developed into a passion, inspiring them to build a winery. When the Itkins first discovered the property that would become Theorem it was overgrown from years of neglect. But something about the land and its history spoke to them. With only one look, Kisha and Jason knew the vineyards and the 19th-century buildings had untapped potential. They were correct.

The property housed one of the most significant collections of historical buildings in Napa Valley. The site had once been a working farm with livestock and multiple crops. It also was the home to one of the oldest schoolhouses in the area. Kisha and Jason restored the properties while maintaining its historic charm and unique characteristics—including the old Victorian house, the schoolhouse, and the Long Barn property that once served as the farm’s chicken coop.

The main house has a classic wraparound porch and beautiful Greek Revival-style handrails and columns. Although the country-style heritage remains, when you walk inside, it’s an entirely different world. The mid-century modern interior has floors, walls and ceilings are covered in dark wood, with views of the beautiful landscape from every window. Theorem Vineyards is a unique boutique winery experience.

Theorem Vineyard’s World-Class Wine

When they Itkins acquired the property that would become Theorem Vineyards most of the fruit from the old vines had been eaten by deer. The Itkins considered not making wine that year and even toyed with the idea of replanting the old vines. Fortunately, their winemaker (Thomas Rivers Brown) and vineyard manager (Josh Clark) recognized the superb quality of the grapes and convinced the Itkins to let them pick the grapes and make wine from them. When Thomas began tasting through his entire lineup of 2012 wines (he had approximately 40 projects in 2012), he called the 2012 Voir Dire the biggest revelation out of the vintage. The wine from that first vintage became Voir Dire, the winery’s flagship Cabernet Sauvignon.

Voir Dire is a complex, captivating wine made of 100% Cabernet Sauvignon. Hawk’s Prey is another Cabernet Sauvignon from new vines the Itkin family planted together in its Diamond Mountain vineyard. Made with the highest quality grapes, Hawk’s Prey is equal parts bold, vibrant, and elegant. Theorem Vineyards is passionate about producing wines that express the unique character of the sites and soils of our beautiful Diamond Mountain AVA. The winery is custom-built for Theorem’s estate vineyards, with various sized tanks and vessels sustainable for hands-on, custom wine production.

Experience the Wonders of Theorem Vineyards

Theorem Vineyards is a quest as much as it is a winery. Kisha and Jason have opened the doors to Theorem Vineyards so that others can create memories around our beautiful redwood forest and hills of vines. The Itkins and the entire Theorem family welcome visitors to our estate. We invite you to visit our winery to experience the wonders of Theorem Vineyards—and, of course, to taste our delicious wines.

Theorem Vineyards offers singular tasting experiences with a majestic backdrop of an enchanting vineyard. We are open to visitors by appointment only, so contact us at (707) 942-4254 or fill out an online form.