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Introducing Theorem Vineyards’ Newest Addition: Hawk’s Prey

Theorem Vineyards is thrilled to announce the release of Hawk’s Prey, a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon made from grapes grown on our Diamond Mountain estate. It will be available for purchase on January 15, 2019.

Cultures around the world celebrate hawks for their power, grace, and beauty. In earlier cultures, hawks were symbols of visionary ambition, of observation followed by decisive action, and of seizing life without fear or hesitation. Hawks are bold—circling in one moment and seizing their prey at 100 mph in another.

Similarly, Hawk’s Prey is bold, vibrant, and elegant.

There are only 147 cases of our 2016 Hawk’s Prey Cabernet Sauvignon. Like the hawks who live in our 20 acres of forest land, Hawk’s Prey is a rare wine, and we are excited to share it with you.

Making Hawk’s Prey: If It Was Easy Someone Else Would Have Already Done It

At Theorem, we know that crafting an ultra-premium, estate wine such as Hawk’s Prey can only happen with the combination of a great site, grapes, and winemaking. Thankfully, Theorem Vineyards is located on Diamond Mountain in northern Napa County. Because of this stunning location, our Diamond Mountain vineyard is blessed with great soils, elevations, and weather patterns conducive to growing the highest quality grapes.

Our Diamond Mountain vineyard spans 20 planted acres of hillside land on the northern slope of the mountain, 1,100 feet above sea level. The rich, lush beauty of this mountain oasis provides the growing conditions that let us produce the ultra-premium Hawk’s Prey. With its high altitude, the Hawk’s Prey vineyards are blessed with little fog, abundant direct light, and volcanic soils that have good drainage and low nutrients. Our outstanding soils, primarily Aiken and Boomer Loam, are considered by many to be the very best soils for mountain cabernets.

The vines used to make Hawk’s Prey are grown from the Jenkins clones that originate from Lafite in Bordeaux. A grapevine clone preserves the characteristics and shares genes with the “mother vine.” Chosen by winemaker Thomas Brown, chief vineyard manager Josh Clark, and viticulturist Kelly Maher, this rare Napa Valley clone descends from a vine that has produced multiple legendary wines. This clone comes from a family of vines which have produced highly-rated, exceptional wines according to some of the world’s foremost wine critics. We're thrilled for 2016 Hawk’s Prey to join a pantheon of truly great vintages.

Hawk’s Prey Tasting Notes: You’re Going to Love It

The Hawk’s Prey vineyard is 2.29 acres and was aged for 18 months in 65% new French oak barrels. Hawk’s Prey has an opaque purple core out to a ruby red rim. On the nose, there are elegant and complex aromas of ripe plums, milk chocolate, wild blackberries, cassis, violets, warm freshly tilled earth, and baking spice.

Hawk’s Prey is unique because it has refined red fruit notes filled with freshness and energy that make you want to take another sip. On the palate, the wine is soft and lush with a dense core of flavors that mirror the nose. Cooler temperatures before harvest allow the vines to have a longer hangtime and maturation of tannins. The tannins are smooth and silky—and, while adding structure to the wine, they are also seamlessly integrated.

Theorem Vineyard Presents 2016 Hawk’s Prey

Ever since we first started talking about Hawk’s Prey, people have often asked us how it got its name.

Rumor has it that the name came about while the Itkin family was helping plant the vineyard on a scorching July day. While they were working, the family kept noticing hawks circling above them. One family member asked what the birds were preying on, and a vineyard worker joked that in this heat, it could very well be the people working in the vineyard. Everyone got a good laugh. The memory took root alongside the vines, and five years later, the fruit of those vines lives on in our newest Cabernet Sauvignon, available January 15.

Theorem Vineyards offers singular tasting experiences, with panoramic views, lovely architecture, aromatic gardens, and wonderful wines. Contact us at (707) 942-4254 to schedule a visit to our winery!