Our 2017 Diamond Mountain Estate Merlot was produced from the one-acre block our family planted together in 2014. Merlot has always been one of our favorite varieties, and we are excited to have produced the first Theorem Vineyards Merlot. This is a bold wine that reflects the unique land it was produced from. This 2017 Diamond Mountain Merlot can be enjoyed now—or you can cellar it for years to come.

Our Diamond Mountain Merlot vineyard is tucked away on the northeastern edge of our estate. The one-acre vineyard has ample sunshine and volcanic soils. Our 2017 Merlot is both elegant and complex. It is a reflection of the beauty of the land it was produced from.

The 2017 Theorem Merlot is a heady mix of ripe black cherries, fresh plums, milk chocolate, and roasted espresso. From the moment the wine touches your lips, it shows power, structure, and personality. As the wine glides over the mid-palate, it reveals a silky elegance wrapped in mountains tannins. The finish is long and protracted with lingering notes of ripe plums and roasted espresso.

2017 Diamond Mountain Estate Merlot

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Nestled on the northern slopes of Diamond Mountain, Theorem Vineyards is an enchanting place, and we believe you will come to love our wines even more when you visit. From the redwoods framing the vineyard to the lush vines that crawl over the soil, there are few sights as breathtaking or rewarding.

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