Great wine tells a great story. Theorem’s story began in the 1880s with a prodigy surgeon and his wife, Richard and Eugenie Cole, who came here to escape city life. The way Dr. Cole, a Surgeon General of California, preferred the sensitivity of his hand over a thermometer and called the stethoscope a “lazy man’s ear trumpet.” And the way the women of the Cole family turned the land into a working farm. The apples they harvested, the chickens they raised, the children they taught. The life they built here, brick by brick and board by board.

Although the property is now an hour’s drive from the Golden Gate instead of a day’s ride, it still maintains the feeling of peaceful isolation from city life that prompted Dr. Cole to name it “La Perlita del Monte.” It’s that sense of isolation, along with Dr. Cole’s choice of site in what has become the renowned Diamond Mountain District AVA, that inspired us to restore the estate and establish Theorem Vineyards.

“The first time I visited the site, I was immediately aware of its uniqueness. Several beautiful land forms meet here, with full views across a valley to Mount St. Helena. Then there’s the history of the place, which you can see as well as feel. The Cole House is significant not only historically, but also architecturally. Related agricultural buildings also date from the 19th century - all a reminder of the area’s rich agrarian traditions.”
— Richard Beard, FAIA