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3 Tips for Hosting Your First Wine Tasting Party

Hosting a tasting party is the perfect setting to engage with your friends and try different wines. Wine tasting parties are also ideal for you and your friends to taste an array of wines along with each other, where you get to experience a new perspective of wines that is extremely difficult to achieve if you don’t taste wines at the same time. If you are planning on grabbing a few bottles of wine and inviting some friends over, Theorem Vineyards has put together the perfect tips for hosting the best-tasting party.

1) Choose a Wine Tasting Theme

There are different approaches to throwing a tasting party, especially when choosing what type of wines you want to provide at your tasting party.

Some of the strategies you can apply to your party include:

  • Blind Tasting: In blind tastings, the samples are disguised so that the label doesn’t influence your guest’s assessments. This is fun and an interactive way to taste wines objectively. You can pour wines into decanters or pitchers. If you don’t have those, you can use tin foil or paper bags. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to label them by number. If you have a trusted wine shop near you, you can have them select the wines for you so that you can also participate in the blind tasting.
  • Price: You can choose wines based on a specific dollar amount. You might even want to compare wines from different price points with your guests.
  • Assorted: You can ask guests to bring a bottle of wine to have a variety of different wines for the party. If you choose to do this, it is best to start with white wines and Rosés first. Then proceed with light- and medium-bodied reds before tasting the more full-bodied red wines. That way you can try to minimize palate fatigue.
  • Region: Choose a specific region and taste through several wines unique to that wine-making area. For example, you can try different Cabernet Sauvignons from Napa Valley.
  • Style: Taste through a series of similarly styled wines. You can select an array of rich and bold reds or dessert wines.
  • Vintage: You can try finding different vintages of the same producer and vineyard block. This type of wine tasting is called vertical tasting. A vertical tasting can help you and your guests understand the influence of the climate in different years and see how techniques change over time.

2) Purchase Wine & Food Accordingly for Guests

We recommend you limit the number of guests between 6 to 10 people for your tasting party. Having a smaller and intimate group will make it easier to converse and serve wine tastings. Most wine tasting parties serve 6 to 7 different wines. Since a bottle of wine is about 24 ounces, a single bottle could be shared among 12 people if everyone is given a 2-ounce pour. If you’re supplying the wine, count on at least half a bottle per person.

We also recommend you provide a variety of foods such as cheese, crackers, salted nuts, and chocolate so your guests can see how the wines taste with other components. You can also never go wrong with providing your guests with a delicious charcuterie board.

3) Have Necessary Supplies Ready

There are certain supplies you should provide your guests to host a successful wine tasting party.

Some of the items include the following:

  • Glassware: We suggest you have at least two glasses per person to better taste and compare wines simultaneously. You should have extra in case it is needed.
  • Note Taking Supplies: Provide pens and paper for guests who like to take notes.
  • Palate Cleansers: Set out bread or water crackers so your guests can cleanse their palate in-between tastings.
  • Spit Buckets: You should provide spit buckets for guests who don’t want to consume too much alcohol.
  • Water: Providing water for guests is always a must at any party.
  • White Table Cloths & Clear Glassware: It is vital to provide optimal lighting and a white background for your guests since a wine’s color is an important aspect when comparing wines. We also recommend you avoid tinted glassware so that guests can see all the wine’s color.

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