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What Makes Moon Mountain District Wines Special?

Our team at Theorem Vineyards is excited to announce that we will soon be releasing a Sauvignon Blanc produced on Moon Mountain District. Our property is the latest addition to Theorem Vineyards, and we are thrilled to share our latest release of Moon Mountain District wine with you. Part of what makes this bottle of wine so special is the land that it comes from; we look forward to having you experience the unique, rich beauty of Moon Mountain.

What Is Moon Mountain District?

Within the last 150 million years, robust volcanic activity and slow grinding tectonic plates have created the landscape of wine country as we know it today. All this movement means that modern Sonoma County is filled with wonderful and rich terrains that are perfect for making delicious wines. This region contains tall mountains, more than 50 miles of Pacific coastline, oak-studded hills, and beautiful valleys. These unique qualities give Sonoma County a wide variety of terrain and climates within its regions.

The diversity allows local vintners to differentiate wines depending on the area they were produced; these regions are called American Viticultural Areas (AVAs). In 2013, Moon Mountain District became the newest AVA in Sonoma County. Moon Mountain is in the tall Sonoma County hills and possesses qualities that make it an ideal place to produce ultra-premium wines. Theorem Vineyards has expanded its production into Moon Mountain because it has unique soils, climate, and terrain that make it the perfect region to produce Bordeaux varietals.

The History of Moon Mountain

Previously known as the Valley of the Moon, the Moon Mountain District AVA consists of southern and western facing slopes on the Mayacamas mountain range. This mountain allegedly got its name from volcanic soil and the large outcroppings of rocks resembling a moonscape. Others say that the “Valley of the Moon” nickname was inspired by Native American lore and the writing of Jack London. This AVA is 17,000 acres, but only 2,000 is planted. Moon Mountain climbs from 600 feet to a summit at 2,600 feet. Due to its relatively high elevation, Moon Mountain receives ample sun exposure and crosswinds from the Pacific Ocean and San Pablo Bay. Although Moon Mountain is a newer AVA, it contains a few of the county’s oldest, most prestigious vineyards, including the historic Hanzell Vineyard and Louis Martini’s famed Monte Rosso vineyard.

The Topography of Moon Mountain District

Moon Mountain District is a hidden wonder, but it isn’t only filled with rich history. The volcanic soils are predominately well-drained red volcanic and ash, which gives the region its moonlike appearance. It is mainly made up of steep volcanic hillsides and microclimates that vineyards in the valley don’t experience. Although this region is still part of the larger Sonoma Valley, Moon Mountain primarily specializes in growing Bordeaux varietals such as Cabernet and Merlot and has a rich history of Zinfandel productions. We at Theorem are thrilled to share the release of our Moon Mountain Sauvignon Blanc to add to this mountain's storied wine heritage!

Theorem’s Moon Mountain District Vineyard

Theorem has a spectacular 34-acre property on Moon Mountain District. At 1,700 feet of elevation, the vineyard’s 15 planted acres are located near the highest point. Our shallow Moon Mountain vineyards contain volcanic soils, craggy peaks, and has abundant sunlight and crosswinds off the Pacific Ocean. These unique qualities make it perfect microclimate and terrain for growing grapes. We currently have 2.5 acres of Sauvignon Blanc on our Moon Mountain property as we eagerly prepare for the 2019 release of our first Sauvignon Blanc. We will also be releasing a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Syrah from our Moon Mountain vineyard in 2020!

Enjoy Moon Mountain District Wine at Our Vineyard Soon

Theorem Vineyards is on a quest to uncover the truth about the land, as our wines capture this magical place’s beauty and spirit. We restored the historical 1800s estate located on the Diamond Mountain AVAs and turned it into a beautiful vineyard and winery. We invite you to visit us and enjoy our Moon Mountain District Sauvignon Blanc wine with a breathtaking background. Experience firsthand what it’s like to enjoy wine on the “moon”!

Contact Theorem Vineyards today to schedule a tour and a wine tasting at (707) 942-4254!