2014 XIV

In the scientific history of its development, the Texas Longhorn comes to connote courage, fighting ability, nerve, and the holy spirit of "Never Say Die." This wine has been dedicated to the memory of Sunrise Studly, better known as BEVO XIV. Like its namesake, this wine is big and strong, but has a gentle soul. This wine can be enjoyed for years to come.

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Notes from Thomas
Rivers Brown

The Diamond Mountain AVA is expansive, geographically speaking, and the Theorem vineyard rests on the north end hillside off the road on your way out of Calistoga. The vineyard blocks all face towards the craggy Calistoga Palisades, a pronounced band of volcanic rock cliffs across the valley floor. Being on the leeward side of the valley the blocks are framed by hardwood trees, many of which are over a hundred years old. Standing in the blocks and establishing a sense of place, you experience the essence of the rugged Diamond Mountain environment combined with the polished contemporary look of the beautifully renovated historic school house. This rugged/refined essence is dually encapsulated in the 2014 XIV Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.